Custom Solutions

Technology used

Backend - Sugar CRM

Team size

1 Member

Client Info

Headquarters: Michigan,

Area of operation: 48 states in US. Domain: Fintech

Business outcome

Client wants to upgrade their SugarCRM product from version 7.6 to 9.0.

SugarCRM Implementation & Support for CU Solutions

CU Solutions Group is a credit union service organization offering leading-edge products and services in the areas of technology, marketing, HR performance, and strategic advisory. The company is dedicated to the credit union mission that is reflected through service excellence to more than 3,400 clients, partners and leagues spanning 48 states.


As part of this project, we support & enhance their SugarCRM backend that handles all the business processes, workflows, reporting and analysis.


Objectives accomplished:
  • Data migration from various systems
  • Regular maintenance & bug fixing
  • System upgrade from SugarCRM 7.6 to 9.0
  • Implementation of new features


  1. A team of dedicated developers went ahead with the up-gradation process.
  2. Another team of developers worked on the maintenance part which includes import CSV data.


Major components involved:
  1. Marketing automation: The system is handling all types of marketing activities including lead generation, lead tracking, etc. Online or offline campaigns can be set up and revenue can be calculated. Default email marketing is integrated with 3rd party mailing system.
  2. Sales automation: System handles Lead conversions and other sales processes in Opportunity module.
  3. Service automation: A very dynamic after-sales process is implemented. Tickets can be generated through email, phone calls, or web form submission and all communication is getting tracked in the system. Customer 360 views can be seen including customer past activities.
  4. Business process: The system handles different departments and product verticals like technology, marketing, HR performance, and strategic advisory. Lots of custom modules have been developed and custom workflow implemented to achieve the purpose.
  5. Integration with accounting system: The CRM is integrated with accounting software and the system automatically creates Orders in the accounting system on pre-defined days in a month with separate schedulers and crons.
  6. Data archiving: Old data gets archived and pruned from the master table for better system performance.
  7. Reporting Engine: A very robust SugarCRM reporting tool has been customized to meet the business requirement. Some reports are scheduled and some can be generated ad-hoc in real-time.
  8. Search: Elastic search has been implemented to handle huge data with a quick response time.