At Mind IT Systems, we strive to empower healthcare industry by contributing creatively and innovate in solutions which meaningfully impact millions of people around the globe. We have positioned ourselves as bridge between healthcare professionals / organizations and IT development teams by consulting, mediating and developing IT solutions. It’s a challenge to get best of both worlds (healthcare professionals and IT professionals) seamlessly as the absence of common language, context and experience it becomes an arduous task to build healthcare solutions.

Project Showcase

Healthcare Management Software – Enterprise products and Apps consulting

Consulting for building of big enterprise products like Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practise Management System (PMS), designing complete provider/ doctor consultation session over mobile app, Medical centre management improvement via analysis, Queue Management system and resource optimization as well as build vs buy analysis and product fitment analysis.

HIE compliant custom Solution consulting and development

Complete prototype development

Workflow design for IT processes

Architecture designing and technical roadmap finalisation

Build vs Buy Analysis and Product comparison Analysis

Hospital Management System – Consulting and Design

Developing complete healthcare record management and hospital management system (HMS) or Healthcare Information System (HIS) for largest private hospital chain in Vietnam.




Appointment Scheduling

OPD Management



Lab Medicine


RIS implementation

Operation Room

Outcomes Mgt.

Utilization Management

Labor and Delivery



Notifications, Alerts and reminders

Specialty Diagnostics

Nursing Services

In patient management (ADT)

Patient Portal

Security Management

HIPPA Compliant EMR / EHR / PHR Software Development

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Personal Health Record (PHR) software development and integration for completely connecting patients, providers, healthcare workers, administration staff, accounting and billing department, marketing and packaging department, pharmacy and lab ordering on a single system. Includes Bar coding, Patient portal, anonymous outcome management (anonymous analysis of healthcare records and MIS as well as ICD coding implementation for all diagnosis related processes and CPT coding for potential utilisation as charge codes.

Includes Drug Database integration for checking any drug interactions while prescription

HL7 integration with Mirth Connect for connecting to Quest and Laborp

Surescripts integration for e-prescription as well as integration to multiple independent pharmacies

Encryption of patient records using TDE to ensure no abuse of data

Hospital record keeping and push notification based alerting

Integration with PACS and multiple lab connectors

Migration from Legacy systems

Multi location roll out including facility management and upkeep

HL7 development and customization / Mirth Connect

We use Mirth Connect, a channel-based architecture to connect Health Information Technology (HIT) systems and allow messages to be filtered, transformed, and routed based on user-defined rules. This includes:

Increasing interoperability between contrasting cases of healthcare technology to ensure adaptability on multiple messaging standards including HL7, XML, NCPDP, CCD etc.

Multi-protocol supporting including TCP/MLLP, JMS, SFTP, HTTP, SMTP, SOAP for encrypting and transmitting sensitive information like vitals, lab orders, e-prescriptions, medical history in between multiple systems.

Supporting both HL7 v2 and v3 standards.

Surescripts integration / E-prescription

eRx integration or e-prescription implementation between EHR and Surescripts for US based healthcare provider company. E-prescription routing has also been implemented on custom route in case of absence of a single e-prescription provider.

Custom Development and integration with EHR for providing support in prescription selection.

Refill orders validation and management

Both ICD and non ICD based implementations depending on region

Integration with drug database for better / economical prescription for both branded / non branded and potential OTC drugs.

Practise Management Application Development

Custom Software development for capturing patient demographics, appointment scheduling, billing tasks and reporting. This can be integrated with an EHR product or can overlap with custom EHR development to handle day to day tasks. This includes:

Patient Eligibility check on basis of insurance and suggestion of best possible packages

Claim Filing to TPA’s or integrate with insurance systems for complete claim management process

Medical Billing in case of non-insurance, discounts and package conditions utilization as well as integration with CRM or loyalty benefits for both inpatient department (IPD) and outpatient department (OPD).