Design, Websites


6 Months

Technology used

Web - React JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Backend - Pimcore

Team size

2 Members

Client Info

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. Domain: Healthcare



Business outcome

To build a web application for collecting information related to Opioid use

Collaboration Health Information for Peer Support Specialists

We have designed and developed a web-based Collaboration Health Information for Peer Support Specialists (CHIPSS) for Opioid peer support specialists for tracking Opioid users through the intake to recovery. The clients are onboarded by support specialists who then track the abuse history as well as Suicide Severity Rating, Anxiety disorder tracking, Patient health questionnaire, Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction. Basis this, clients can be referred or routed to appropriate agencies/providers. Federal assessments are also recorded.


The central goal of this application is to aid the national practice center (funded by CDC since 1999) to develop leadership, policy training, and telehealth initiatives that support the health and wellness of people. The system follows HIPPA guidelines and encrypted HL7 based messages interchange.