Supply Chain

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service to maximize quality, delivery, customer experience and profitability.

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Owing to its size and involvement of multiple parties, Supply Chain is one area which will always have options to save money and improve efficiency. Right from Forecasting, to actual Delivery to the customer, you have enough places to implement IT solutions based on DATA to achieve a competent system with optimized utilization of resources.

At Mind IT Systems, we offer expert consulting and development services to bring about measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our client's operations which in turn will reflect in better cash flow. We bring our experience, methodologies and technical acumen together for companies looking at using technology to bring about wonderful results in their business.

Here are some handpicked examples of how we partnered with our clients to achieve operational excellence within the Supply Chain domain:


One of the largest Hindi publishers had a constant challenge of providing inventory information of their title to their field sales teams, distributors and other internal departments spread across cities. We built an Artificial Intelligence based Android Chatbot to enable the team get the right answers within no time and accessing relevant information. With Natural Language Processing and not having to bother about data security as the source of information could be multiple in the backend, but the output was single, we helped achieve greater results and less turnaround time for the field sales team.

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Shipment Container Optimization Tool

We worked closely with a Jordan based company dealing with FMCG distribution to identify and fix a very specific problem impacting their business. We built a solution to optimize the usage of shipping container space, with respect to the ready orders and delivery schedule, and helped the client achieve greater efficiency and reduced manual work, costs and wastage of space.

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ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

Data is an important tool for the improvement of processes or performance but if you have legacy systems handling the same, then bringing a next generation reporting engine on top maybe a daunting task. We bridged this gap by creating an ETL tool that pulls data from different sources, helps you transform it in the required format and then feed it to the new reporting engine. This project helped open up a whole new world for the client as now they could bring newer technologies without having to revamp their existing and stable systems.

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