Artificial Intelligence powered Bot

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Digitally transform user engagement via our Artificial Intelligence powered solution featuring:

Natural Language Processing for enhanced experience

Conversational UI for ease of communication

Keyword Extractor to judge user’s intent & take appropriate actions

Omni-channel presence round the clock

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Our Mind Bot app can be integrated & trained to work with the back-end to provide a Quick & Easy way for your users to interact with.

Some areas of application for our bot

Human Resources

Outsource regular employee queries to the bot & ensure zero latency

Supply Chain

Make info available 24*7 across channels with no dependencies

Business To Consumer

Reduce cost of customer communication while ensuring uniformity & increased data availability without the overhead of user training & tracking

Enjoy the bot on all platforms

Our bot is available on Android, iOS and Web. So you can implement it on your web or mobile applications to achieve an amazing experience for your users wherein they feel like talking to a human behind a computer answering their queries in their language.

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Everything your team needs to be more productive

Increase your team’s efficiency by making information available at their fingertips so they get things done without require authorizations and access to multiple systems. A question/ answer chat is much easier to deal with rather than disconnected legacy systems.