As the world is moving towards non-single ownership of systems and data, Blockchain has emerged as a potential game changer for all such use cases where validity of any data can be vouched by majority of its consumers and thus can be termed authentic and non-manipulated. It has already changed the way in which we now think about exchanging values and assets. In a world where every boundary or third party means sharing of value by them, Blockchain is enormous simply because of simplicity and seamlessness it brings between transfers of value as well as assistance with dispute resolution between two parties.


Shared and secured ledger of transactions is distributed among multiple providers rather than one owner. This has led to creation of new channels where business processes or data can be shared across multiple organizations while reducing risk of fraud and wastage. Organizations are now adopting Blockchain as a part of being future-ready and are utilizing this unique method to build solutions which can be truly impartial and of high integrity.

Complete Blockchain cycle

We work with you to identify the level of maturity required and work in one of following modes:

PoC development

Innovation Lab

Consulting and Advisory

What we do

We work with you to understand challenge and its Blockchain worthiness and then guide you through the various aspects of building a decentralized application (DAPP). This involves finalisation of Blockchain technology platform, architecture, proof of concepts and implementations for becoming Blockchain-ready. We work as system integrators while working with you closely on your organization’s Blockchain roadmap.

Our Blockchain offerings include

Smart Contracts and Dapp Development (Both private and public Blockchain)

Payment Integration

Blockchain as a Service

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Implementation and Integration