Data Migration

Any organisation having IT software systems in place agrees that operational data collected is like life blood for the business. When replacing, upgrading or doing any software changes, one of the most important things to take care of, is to ensure that your data is migrated from one system to another without any loss or damage and with minimum downtime.


At MindIT, data migration activity begins by analysing the structure of data, your current system and the target system or database where the data needs to be transported. After this analysis, our data experts come up with the recommended data migration strategy, complete with a backup and restore plan. From there, the team picks up specific activities and calls it done after ensuring the data is not negatively impacted and is ready for use in the new system/ storage, within the stipulated downtime.


It is very crucial to choose the right team of people to take up a data migration job, as data loss and every minute of downtime is loss of business revenue. For us it is important that your software is always available and in a healthy state and any data transition is quick, secure and smooth..


Our data migration services include:

Strategically ensuring minimum downtime and maximum availability of data

Performance testing and tuning

Optimized backup and restore strategy for newly migrated data

Domain specific execution and implementation strategies

Detailed analysis of existing and target infrastructure, within the perspective of the intention behind data migration