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Kanika Mehdiratta

Chief Experience Officer

Kanika’s role at Mind IT Systems is to manage the experience that people have with us – be it customers, end users, employees or vendors. Within her role as CExO, she takes care of Marketing, Content Generation, UI/ UX, Project Management and Processes with the intention of defining the journey people live with us.


With around fifteen years of expertise in Software Engineering processes and being a PMI certified Agile Practitioner and Coach she has a knack for Project Management and Capability Maturity Models. She’s a natural in Stakeholder management and well known for establishing organization structures as well as systems aiding in process implementations.


Being a process oriented people’s manager is how people relate to her. She thoroughly enjoys working with people from different walks of life, each bringing their own flavour. Kanika has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies as customer focused delivery expert to ensure project success, especially in the mobile apps development area. With a rich experience spread across managing Mobile and Enterprise applications, she is a strong believer of continuous learning. Having numerous happy clients to her credit, she loves to bring people and processes together to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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