Performance Optimisation

When IT software and services serve as the backbone of your business, you would expect it to give best performance to ensure your users get an experience they can vouch for. You cannot afford to have your infrastructure, websites or applications to be slow or unable to perform under pressure. So if the performance of these things is critical to your business, how would you benchmark it? We help you analyse your needs, criticality of your services, expected usage and set a performance benchmark which suits your business.


A common mistake people make is to wait for a disaster to happen and then look for remedial measures but with our experience we recommend considering performance optimisation before the go live because recovery is never 100{10ad5fa5bb073e5aebd1234e3c3491f808b40427bbfc743acbe0b1e8c7bb4eb5} and you are bound to lose at least some bit of customer satisfaction, application availability, credibility or revenue. But if you consider giving your app a performance boost before it asks for, you stand a chance to gain on all these fronts and increasing your revenue by way of enhanced customer satisfaction.


Performance optimisation can be done at various levels:


Using caching or load balancing or back end jobs to take care of load consuming activities


By improving the code quality


By ensuring your data model is efficient enough to handle the service requests and expected data usage

Performance tuning activities

Optimization when done ahead of time helps you improve efficiency, lower the risk, enhance customer experience and reduce turn round time. You can count upon MindIT’s experience to deal with this so as to ensure maximum benefits at the most optimal costs while ensuring your mission critical apps and data support and transform your business, not let it down.