Pine Labs: Bank & Card Integrations

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Project period

12 Weeks

Technology used

Kotlin, APIs & Payment Gateway integration.

Team size

Total:1 (Development: 1)

Client Info

PineLabs / Bajaj Finserv, India.

Business outcome

To integrate PineLabs POS machine with banks to be used by Bajaj Finserv

Pine Labs: Bank & Card Integrations

Pine Labs is a mega round ($100 Million funding round) fintech company with a vision to provide smart tech-based payment solutions to every merchant.

Currently serving over 1.5 lakh merchants with 3.5 lakh PoS terminals, Pine Labs has a TPV (Total Payment Volume) ~ $30 Billion. As of Jan 2021, Pine labs is a $2bn unicorn and aiming for TPV (Total Payment Volume) of $50bn by end of the year and is currently the third most valuable Indian fintech company.

We’ve contributed to the API integration for an app facilitating loan payments via credit/debit cards and dynamic QR codes. This application is specifically designed for Pinelab POS machines deployed at Bajaj Finserv outlets, enabling seamless payment processing against loan account numbers.

The system ensures secure communication through encrypted server-client interactions, utilizing the AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding algorithm. It retrieves remote data, decrypts responses, and communicates with the Pinelab Payments app through an Inter-Process Communication (IPC) method to successfully process payments.