Architecture & Designing

Architecture and designing are the most important aspects of building any software or IT based solution as this is like creating the foundation on which the whole programme will rest. Needless to say the foundation has to be robust and solid to allow for a long standing structure to be built on top. To deal with this criticality, MindIT provides IT solutions which let you deal with the rapidly changing business demands with innovation and agility.


Whether you want to create a new system or re-architect an existing one, we can assess the requirements from various technical aspects and come up with an architecture which serves your present and future needs.


As part of our Architecture & Design consulting service we do the complete System Architecture – which covers all the facets of architecture solution, database, technology, platform, deployment and quality engineering while describing it from software structure to deployment perspective.


Our deliverables of this phase include identification of various components required by the solution, like:

Hosting environment / Cloud Selection

Load balancing and Horizontal scaling

Data replication assessment

Caching mechanism: CDN, Memcache, Redis, Boost, CouchBase

Data security

Backup and restore strategy

Technology stack – .NET, Java, etc

Database Storage: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite

Messaging Queues: Redis, Zend Job Queue, MSMQ, GCM