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4 Reasons Why React Native is a Good Choice for Any Startup

Until recently, startups were facing the challenge of creating native apps for both iOS and Android platforms with an attractive UI/UX and within a limited budget. The best options seemed building native, however now they have a powerful alternative in  React Native. It’s rapidly gaining ground in mobile app development, and most startups are using this technology. Currently, React Native is the third most popular cross-platform mobile framework, right after Kotlin and Android Architecture Components according to Appbrain


Let’s look at some of the reasons why React Native is considered a good choice and is used by the majority of startups.

Reduced Development Cost

Building a cross-platform application is far cheaper than building an application separately for iOS and Android platforms

For startups, manpower is one of the most expensive costs. It increases as the diversity of the technical ecosystem increases. So, instead of hiring two separate developers, startup owners can choose to hire one React Native programmer who can develop the app for both Android as well as the iOS platform. It’s easier to identify, retain, maintain and nurture a team in fewer technologies. A React Native programmer can even easily modify and update existing applications simply by inserting UI components into the application, without the need to rewrite the entire code completely.

Development cost

Fast MVP development

Cost is an important factor to be considered while starting a mobile app project, especially during the app development process. Minimum Viable Product Development (MVP) with React Native is fast and easy, which leads to the cost-effectiveness of an app development project.
The benefits of React Native like code reusability, faster testing, and modular architecture can help dedicated app developers to achieve faster app development speed while building an MVP with React Native.


Declarative Programming makes the code more readable & easier

Declarative programming is a method where you just have to describe the program/UI, and React will implement it.


As React Native has a Declarative coding style, the application development process ends up being beneficial and adaptable for versatile app developers. This is especially useful in new projects as the declarative style makes it easy for both the mobile app developers and the system to read the code.
Declarative coding style also simplifies the coding paradigms and the coding process.

Faster Time to Market

Time is what is most valued by startups, especially by those who want to get their idea up and running before the competition. With React Native, it is easy to develop apps faster than using the native approach. React Native’s vast resource library and a huge list of helpful features are used effectively by expert react native developers to deliver the product fast. This helps startup owners to hit the market quickly.
Launching digital solutions faster not only helps startup owners to outpace the competition but also helps to keep the variable costs of business low.


React Native is a component-rich framework that allows developers to build quality applications. It can deliver high-quality apps within tight deadlines, and therefore, has emerged today as a popular framework amongst the developer & startup community.
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