5 Signs Your Business Needs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is a buzzword in the field of IT and technology. AI is one of the most innovative technologies changing the way businesses operate. However, if your business is not yet implementing artificial intelligence, you can read on to know some of the signs that point to considering it’s about time for a change!

You don’t have enough data to make informed business decisions

Do you wish you had enough data to work with? Do you wish you knew more about your clients? Do you think your decision-making is hampered due to a lack of data? If your answer is yes, then you likely need a machine-learning algorithm to help you collect, clean, and analyze data.


With an appropriately designed bespoke machine learning algorithm, you can virtually answer almost any question about your clients, predict consumption or supply patterns, and the state and efficiency of the various processes of your business. By collecting and analyzing data, an AI tool helps you to make better decisions, cut costs, find scope of growth by identifying patterns, and optimize various processes.

You’re seeing a fall in productivity among your employees

Are you afraid that your teams are not as productive as they could be? Do you think you are not utilizing technology enough to help your company productivity keep up with the norm in your sector? Do you think you have over-hired people instead of optimizing your processes? If yes, then you can adopt AI algorithms in some of your business processes, automate repetitive work and utilise your teams’s skills to tasks which require more intensive human decision making. For example, AI software can be used to measure how quickly teams complete different tasks and suggests ways to speed them up. It also gives each member a productivity score, which managers can use to identify for any more training needed.

You want hiring process to be smoother and transparent

Does finding the right candidate for your business seem to be a hectic task for you?

Do you wish to have a smoother and transparent hiring process? If yes, then you can use AI to simplify the interviewing process. AI-based software can go through thousands of resumes in a few seconds to search for the required criteria to find the relevant candidates for any job.


AI can also conduct digitized interviews just like an interviewer does. There are even AI chatbots that can talk to candidates like humans and conduct interviews effectively.


Unilever uses HireVue App, an AI-based application to screen the eligible candidate at the entry-level itself.

You want to know which employees are at the risk of leaving their jobs

Are you worried that some of your good members might leave your organization? Do you wish to retain such members by fixing their problems? If you think this is a serious concern for your business, you need to act proactively. AI and Big Data can help you understand which employees are at the bigger risk of leaving your organization. Using AI software you can understand employee job-seeking activities on publicly accessible social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter and access their job-seeking behavior patterns. AI also helps you track their other actions associated with the job-seeking activity.

You want to stop unintentional data breach by your employees

Do you worry about the leak of confidential data by your employees unintentionally? Are your employees frequently making this mistake? If yes, then AI is what you need to integrate into your business.

AI-based applications can safeguard your confidential business data from being leaked by your busy employees. These applications can prevent employees from being a victim of cybercriminals who use various phishing techniques to grab out confidential data.


An efficient AI engine can block malicious emails from reaching your employee’s mailbox. It also recognizes that fraudulent brand images like logos on a webpage are counterfeit and thus can block the webpage from reaching a mailbox.


Avast’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based software blocks phishing attacks.


You need to determine which business challenges AI can solve and what level of value it can bring to your organization. Compare the attributes of AI technology to the cost of continuing to do things as they are and then decide if it’s a worthwhile investment to pursue AI in your business.

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