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BOTify your world


Recently we did some interesting work in the area of Artificial Intelligence powered Chatbots which I want to share.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google assistant have taken the UX to being more conversational and now AI powered Bots are emerging as the game changers. The bots are getting smarter everyday opening up some fascinating scenarios to look at.

We’ve implemented our Chatbot for a publishing house and achieved a deep integration with HRMS. Our Mind Bot can be integrated & trained to work with any back-end system to provide a Quick & Easy way to fetch information.


Here are some implementation ideas:

  • Human Resources: Ensure zero latency by outsourcing employee queries to the bot
  • Supply Chain: Make information available 24*7 across all the channels with no dependencies
  • Business to Consumer: Reduce cost of customer communication while ensuring uniformity & increased data availability without the overhead of training and tracking.


I think the current scenario offers a host of opportunities for businesses of any size. With simplified applications like these, you can transform your user engagement via an AI powered Bot featuring:

  • Natural Language Processing for enhanced customer experience
  • Conversational UI for ease of communication
  • Keyword Extractor to judge user’s intent & take appropriate actions
  • Omni-channel presence for round the clock responsiveness


Just wanted to share how each one of us today has access to powerful tools like this.

Keep thinking, ciao!