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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Envision the Power of DATA!

Today, let’s talk about the huge amount of data being generated around us that a business can use to impact its customer’s buying habits.


Eachpurchase, approval, social interaction and customer communication generates data which you as a business can gain insights from and pitch products and services accordingly. Hyperlocal advertisements is an example of how you can influence your customer by proposing what’s apt at the moment.


So, you as a decision maker need business intelligence gathering and analysing capabilities as Actionable Intelligence can transform your organization into becoming truly dynamic and accelerate the overall growth. Here a couple of examples to help you think:


  • ETL Tool | Hyperion integration: We built a custom Extract-Transform-Load tool for facilitating Hyperion and Oracle De-mantra integration to apply transformations and resolve data formats issues. Or simply put we built a bridge between the two systems to facilitate data analysis.
  • Analytics Dashboard: We built a customized analytics dashboard for real-time reporting for bottling plant of a leading Beverage Company. The dashboard helped gain insights and support decision making and performance analysis to the stakeholders.
  • Data Integration & Aggregation: Like any typical product based B2C Company, our client had their data scattered across multiple DB apps and we needed to aggregate it all to provide an integrated view and in-depth analysis on customer usage and buying patterns. This helped to maximize revenue and increase the customer retention.


We as businesses take decisions every day, how about supporting them with actual data? I would love to hear back if you have any experience of data analytics helping you in your business or personal life.


Let’s talk.