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Chatbots for Learning & Development

Let your chatbot provide personalized learning!

As winters are here, let’s warm up the conversation by getting chatty about bots 😉


An important and daunting task for any HR team world-over is to train their personnel in various technical and non-technical things while on-boarding, and then at regular periods of employment. Regular training and skill upgradation are at the core of an organizations’ growth, yet it’s very difficult to deliver trainings in a manner to keep the attendees interested and enrolled because different people may have different style and pace of learning.


Technology sets out to solve such issues with a user-friendly chatbot which can be implemented on an LMS and helps by delivering same content in a more customised and personalized manner. As an employee I have to complete an LMS module, but now I can study and get feedback, take assessments any time of the day. A chatbot is available 24/7 and does not mind answering same query multiple times which helps me in retaining the important information.


An AI powered chatbot can serve utility based content which helps me get educated about the relevant stuff and is capable of providing a human like conversation to the user via textual or auditory methods which helps people get comfortable and use it.


Here are some thoughts on what an HR bot can achieve:

  1. Customized learning environment
  2. Real-time feedback on performance
  3. Practice and assessment tracking
  4. Track progress and set personalized reminders appropriately


I’m sure there are other areas/ uses of a chatbot within the HR team. Can you suggest some?


We’re listening!