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Crypto Currency Monitoring

Its Diwali season in India so let’s talk about money and new age currency – Crypto currencies.


As more and more countries and people are starting to use crypto currencies and looking at it as the future of the currency, we at Mind IT Systems, are also very excited and would like to share our next mobile application, CRYPTOAWARE.


The Crypto Aware Android app is a powerful Bitcoin and altcoin notifier that lets you monitor the crypto market with ease. It offers real time updates for seamless experience.


Real time prices for Bitcoin and Altcoin:Fastest updates of prices for your favourite currency. Colour coded Percentage changes aiding in quick look.

Set Jumps and Drops Alerts:Never miss out on a volatile price change. Set your own thresholds and receive notifications on highs and lows.

Trend line, Candlestick OHLC and market cap: Analyse 24 hour trend and Open High Low Close data to spot patterns. Real time Market cap for currencies.


We are working to add more info to it in terms of Order books and Trades, news, etc. and will be happy to add a feature of your choice.


We believe crypto currency will be even bigger and better over time. What do you think?


Here’s wishing joy, warmth and prosperity for you & your family this Diwali!