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Design Thinking everywhere



Design Thinking is the talk of the designer town and everyone outside is wondering what it is. Let me come to your rescue and say it’s just a model to make designing of software more structured. It’s a User-centred approach to creating, testing and designing solutions that are Innovative, Elegant & Commercially Successful.


Well, who doesn’t want commercially successful products; so we also dig in to realize it’s very similar to the Agile methodology for development wherein one tries to understand user requirements (Empathize), fill in details and acceptance criteria (Define), find technical solutions (Ideate), create prototype (Prototype), get it reviewed from customer (Test). But design thinking is about making the design process iterative and the beauty lies in the fact that the same concept can be applied to other areas as well.


The iterations help get early feedback and fix usability issues before they snowball into a bad design. With a lot of focus on enhancing greater usability with every design, we spend a lot of time with the customer trying to understand the user personas and then looking at requirements from their perspective.


We have applied the same principle in other areas like recruitment and employee engagement to deeply understand what users are looking for and how to help achieve greater employee satisfaction.


Have you implemented Design Thinking in any areas as yet?


Have a great time thinking & innovating!