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Digitally Transform your business today

Hope the week has had a fantastic start for you!

Today I want to share how a conventional publishing house digitally transformed themselves and took the next big leap.


As part of our Digital Transformation service, we closely examined a traditional business house and identified two major problem areas. One of them was the lack of accurate & timely information for distributors. Most often we put enough focus on improving customer experience, but only a core business can distinguish that it is the distributors who bring in bulk orders and hence sales. We implemented a B2B eCommerce Android app and back-end system to enable these distributors, spread across various geographies, get latest info at any time and place a bulk order within a few minutes. This seemingly simple solution was so effective that the distributor sales increased while team required to support them lessened dramatically.


Another issue was the security of digital content & restricting it to authorized use. As a keeper of a huge knowledge source, the client envisioned sharing the content with educational institutions but were stopped by fear of unauthorized access. At this point we built a complex Digital Rights Management system that allowed eBooks to be accessible only on specific devices, like the college library computers. As a result our client was able to go out to all public libraries and institutes and make the content available to scores of students which unlocked a whole new arena for them to operate in.


A lot of us think my business doesn’t need technology as yet, but it helps open doors we don’t know exist!!


Open up and let some tech in!

Have a good one!