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Enhancing courier delivery service

Hello from Boston!

Today I write from a conference on ‘Passenger Experience’ which made me share an IT consulting success story where we helped boost the business for a Courier Delivery Services company. The management of the company was struggling with the optimization of the route, delivery confirmation to the customer as well as the operations team and to locate their fleet.

We conducted brainstorming sessions to understand their current process and identified the following goals to be worked upon:

  1. Automate assignment of delivery schedule to drivers to enhance efficiency.
  2. Reduce paperwork for operations team.
  3. Reduce cost with route optimization by calculating the best route possible for each delivery vehicle.
  4. Monitor driver accountability.

Our client already had an existing ERP to create a delivery plan for each vehicle every day, but we took on to improve the process of providing delivery route information to the drivers, reduce paperwork and provide real-time knowledge of driver progress and drops.


Based on all the information and expectations, we proposed a Proof of Delivery Mobile App integrated with the existing ERP.

Impact and Result

Our solution greatly impacted the transparency of the process. Now the manager knows exact status, the customer care has access to electronic proof of enhancing their interaction with customers.

We are glad to have fulfilled our mission of “Bringing People’s Possibilities to Reality by Engineering Awesomeness” and adding value.

Keep growing and be prepared to be tested 🙂