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Tech for betterment of our lives



This week I want to bring forth simplicity that technology brings to our lives.


Remember how worried our parents used to be when we got late from school/ work because they didn’t have a way to check for our well-being? Today we have geo-location apps that keep telling us without asking where a person is.


The Friendz: Geo-social companion app on Google Play is one such app and I recently met a person who said the app brought him peace of mind knowing where his parents/ spouse was – it helped him ensure their safety when he wasn’t around. He always got notifications when they started or reached home so he was aware, without having to check explicitly. Each time a family member would call, he would be able to see their location on map even before answering. Isn’t that a superb way to use tech?


The app offers group alarms, locating people nearby and tracing back to quick spots.


A parents group is using the same app by having it installed on the bus/ van driver’s phone. Now they know where the van is and when they start from or reach school without having to give a device to the young kids. At times we burden our kids with gadgets, rules citing security concerns, but isn’t this damaging as more and more kids are becoming addicted to devices? Why not create a safe circle around them by using such solutions?


From a tech stand point, we built this in Android .NET, MySQL and use the Google geo-location APIs very heavily. Here are some professional use cases where the app is being used for:


  • Proof of Delivery of a logistics company
  • Fleet tracking
  • Field employees tracking


As we always say, let’s use technology for betterment of our lives.


Stay safe!