Unraveling the mystery called SMO!

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Unraveling the mystery called SMO!

Social Media Optimization, popularly known as SMO, is the art of promoting your services and products through various channels of media; mostly social media. It includes sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even social bookmarking sites like Reddit; basically every site where you can make a social profile and engage people by creating a visitor base or community. SMO is very similar to SEO as both have a basic aim to drive traffic to your website. After the rollout of the Google search algorithm updates relating to Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, the system has been made such that to build the trust factor and authority of your Website, your social media influence needs to have an imposing pressing. In addition the quality of your content, links everything adds to it.


SMO these days, has become a necessity rather than being just an add-on. Successful sites have already realized that the social media game should be up to the mark, if we want to make an impression on the Internet Community. For making our social media page engaging, the content shared and posted should be up to the mark. The heading should get the reader interested, the first paragraph should be engaging enough to keep the reader going and body should be such that the readers feel their time was well worth the read and are compelled enough to share  the same. We always need to find balance between the quality of content and making it engaging; it’s one of the golden rules that one should always follow.


Below mentioned are some points that we found out to be really helpful and thought will come in handy for those reading this article.
Creating Shareable Content
As the common saying goes, “Content is the King”, we need to provide a top notch content which is worth reading and clearly laid out. Any content should be well researched for before putting it out.


Design of the website
The overall design of a website plays an important part. If the overall design, aesthetics or usefulness of a website is questionable, then so will be the content post therein. One must take special care of designing a user experience and provide an interface that supports a reader rather than taking it away from him. A website’s design plays a very important role in reducing the bounce rate and a basic aim for anyone should generally be to keep fixing any shortcomings like broken links, images, etc. so that the user stays with you.


Easily Navigable Content
The next thing to be careful about, is the navigational aspect of the content. By this I mean the content being offered should be easy to find and navigate, ensuring readability by correct use of colors, typography and formatting. A user should be able to find whatever they are looking for very easily.


Keeping Users on the Website
Once we have got a user on the website, the next step is to retain their loyalty by giving them valuable content and enough links across to maximize their time spent. Displaying related posts or content is a very apt mechanism for this.

Whether a user will buy your service or not, is entirely upto them but just understanding user behavior and focusing on providing an enhanced experience, improves your chances of catching their attention.


Good luck with SMO!