Challenges in hiring remote team for an it project (1st of 3)

Virtual Teams are becoming more and more common in the world. Even before we all were hit by the Pandemic in 2020, wherein remote became a forced choice, earlier also people were reaping the benefits of having a remote team.


One of the biggest benefits is tapping into the Global Talent Pool. However, it comes with the biggest challenge as well, ‘Communication’.


Communication is one of the three hurdles I would like to bring in the front through these 3 series blog posts. It is more focused on the situations where you hire a remote team for a project rather than a Full-Time Equivalent.


Whatever your reasons may be including cost, quick delivery, the best talent, eventually everything gets defeated if you aren’t able to communicate at the level you expect with the hired team. It can cause a problem in almost every other areas, including:

  • Increase in the project delivery time
  • Gap in the outcome in comparison to the expectation
  • Increase in the project cost


You go into a project with certain expectations in terms of output, time, and cost. If these expectations are not met, people feel frustrated and start questioning their decision of hiring a remote team. And many a time, the root cause could be the gap in communication or language proficiency.


English could be the non-official business language of the world but you need to understand that comfort level with English differs from country to country. Most of the world doesn’t have English as their first language.

So what’s the way around?


Get a Team Lead or Project Manager with good English proficiency. It does cost you a wee bit more; or let me be more specific, usually, an experienced PM with great communication skills can be the costliest resource in the team. However, this one investment gives you the best result in terms of getting your message across and getting the desired output from the whole team.


Now, you don’t need to communicate with the whole team, you have PM representing you with the team and she will get you the result for which you hired the Remote Team. Just this one tweak mitigates communication level risk.


Here at Mind IT, whenever we offer our members as Remote Team to our clients, we include PM in team structure as a standard option. Depending on team size, PM may not be billed dedicatedly like the developers but for the time they spend on the project. This is a win-win situation for everyone, the developers work with a familiar face and clients work with an efficient Project Manager.

About the Author


Lalit Jonwal
(Chief Sales Officer)