App Development Cost in 2024: Get a Complete Breakdown [Part-2]

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In the previous blog post, we discussed the app development cost breakdown depending on various application development stages. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the next two critical components, i.e. “Type of App You’re Developing” & “Intricacies of Features” contributing to the app development cost in 2024.   


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Type of App You’re Developing  

Native Vs. Cross-Platform 

Developing a native app using Swift or Java for iOS and Android takes more time and resources as it requires multiple codebases. However, native codebases provide access to more hardware features, making them ideal for high-quality mobile experiences. The mobile app development cost in 2024 can be higher with this approach. 


A cross-platform codebase could be cheaper if your app doesn’t require GPS, NFC, or Bluetooth features. Not all great products started natively, and some, like mobile solutions by Bloomberg and Walmart, chose cross-platform development for their initial launch. 


Choosing between cross-platform and native app development is complex. Developing a React Native app can save up to 50% of development time but may limit access to some advanced hardware features. Forgoing a separate native codebase for each platform can reduce the mobile app development cost and time. 


When choosing between Android and iOS, remember that developing an Android application is slightly more expensive because of the need for testing and optimization across a broader range of devices. 

Progressive Web Apps Vs. Native 

App development cost has been a longstanding concern for businesses, but PWAs offer a cost-effective solution. Progressive Web Apps resemble native apps and work on iOS and Android platforms. Once downloaded, they can be accessed on your phone without an internet connection and sit on your home screen like any other app. 


Although they can’t integrate with your phone’s hardware or offer new features, they are still an excellent option for developing mobile apps. You can develop a PWA without incurring high costs by repurposing your web application’s graphical assets and connecting the UI to the existing back end with its business logic. 

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Intricacies of Features   

Developing an app with complex features can increase the mobile app development cost. It may include third-party integrations, server-side logic, admin panels, mobile hardware like Bluetooth or GPS, app features and functionalities, etc.   


For example, marketplace apps require a lot of features and functionalities to enable buyers and sellers to interact and transact seamlessly. Similarly, developing a stock trading platform requires complex algorithms and infrastructure to handle millions of transactions in real time. In contrast, medical apps that use blockchain technology may require specialized skill sets and expertise, which can drive up development costs.   


Therefore, it’s essential to consider the type of application you’re developing, and the specific requirements involved to estimate the development costs accurately.  


We recommend creating a comprehensive list of all necessary features to minimize initial expenses and selecting only two or three crucial options. This approach can help you reduce the cost of developing an app. 


Discover app development 2024 cost estimation based on the complexities of the app’s features and functionalities.   

API Integrations  

Your mobile application may require integration with external service providers to offer users rich functionality. App Developers leverage APIs to connect apps to payment gateways, messaging platforms, geolocation services, social networks, and other functionalities.  


Investment is generally considered low when integrating an app with on-device system features like FaceID or Apple Auth. However, incorporating an app with third-party services, such as social media via APIs, can be more complex and expensive. 


If you plan to offer your customers a mobile shopping experience, we recommend choosing a ready-made e-commerce platform. Many platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and many others, are available today. These platforms have APIs, SDKs, and even white-labeled mobile e-commerce experiences. Opting for a pre-built platform can be a cost-effective approach to building a commerce app, as it can help push down the mobile app development costs. 


Integrating your app with a geolocation service can significantly impact your app development cost, depending on the desired feature set. For instance, if you require an essential feature like displaying a map with a custom pin, it will cost less than building complex features such as routes, traffic overlay information, and geofencing. Remember that the more advanced features you want, the more expensive they will be to integrate into your app. 

Phone Sensors  

Modern smartphones come with various sensors that your app can use to enable advanced features such as direction sensing.     

  • Compass    
  • Barometer    
  • Proximity Center    
  • Gyroscope    
  • Accelerometer    
  • NFC 

Your mobile app development cost 2024 may increase if you tap into such features in your phone’s hardware components.    

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IoT Integrations   

App Developers may need to use external devices like pedometers or heart rate sensors for mobile applications. A Bluetooth Low Energy protocol (BLE) is required to link the app to the sensor’s firmware. Launching a mobile app requires careful cost analysis for maximum cost-effectiveness. The minimum feasible cost depends on the number and complexity of features, and mobile app developers need to consider general expenses, such as Apple’s and Google’s developer licenses 

Machine Learning   

In recent years, ML and AI capabilities have become more mainstream. ML algorithms play a crucial role in apps by delivering relevant content and anticipating the customer’s future actions based on their unique profile. Developing the ML-powered features of an app comes with a high cost. Therefore, it’s not surprising that AI options often take months to build. 

Accessibility Tools 

Businesses tend to neglect accessibility options, but formal compliance standards require them to provide features that assist customers with visual or auditory impairments. Successful software titles almost always incorporate accessibility features. Nowadays, accessibility features can be integrated using pre-built code templates provided by Apple and Google for both web and mobile technologies. It is crucial not to overlook the expense of implementing accessibility best practices. 


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In the upcoming blog series, we will discuss another vital component, i.e., “hiring an app development team,” and how it can impact your app development costs in 2024.   


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