How User Experience Shapes Custom Software Development

Users like to use software applications that are easy to use and understand. As a result, UX design has become critical for the success of many software products. 


UX design is about understanding user necessities and developing software that focuses on convenience and ease of use. A decent UX keeps up the interest of users in the product since it is created in line with the taste and requirements of the user. 


So, if you are planning to get your software developed soon, this article shall help you to understand the value of UX and its importance in shaping custom software development. 


The numerous benefits for your business are:

Sales Improvement

UX can impact sales of any business because users are more interested in using software built to their taste, need, and requirement. No user is interested in software that is not user-friendly, has a difficult layout, groups information inefficiently, and has bad color choices. All these factors are ingredients of UX and thus impact the usage of the application which in turn impacts the sale of the software. 


A survey estimates that companies that incorporated UX design in their product and services have managed to boost their sales up to 75%.


Brand Value

With an improvised UX, businesses can enhance their brand value and elevate their presence in the market. Not every business today has the capability to offer solutions that are developed keeping the users in mind. User needs, expectations, budget, and requirements call for a solution that is relevant specifically to their demand.


A quick inclusion of UX in the software can improve the usability, retention, look and feel of the product and makes it easier for the user to explore and use the application. This automatically builds the brand value of the business. If customers are not provided with personalized and favorable solutions, they might end up switching to other brands soon.


Build Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

An application is considered to be well designed when users are able to interact with it intuitively. Better design means you are able to keep your clients engaged for a longer time. The less users have to think about how to use the tool, the more is confidence and credibility generated in users. This improves customer satisfaction and pushes customers to stay loyal to the business. An ability to deliver a good user experience is fundamental to winning loyal customers, and for building a reputation.

Product Differentiation

Users simply don’t look at attractive design or existing product features, but more importantly at how easy the product is to use and how smooth is their experience. They repeatedly like to invest in a brand that helps them achieve their goals faster and with less effort. 


UX-centric custom software development is not just a feature but an important differentiation factor.  Providing a good user experience is important for the customers to prefer your product versus the competition. 

Performance Boost and Productivity

There are times when software development might look like a monotonous task and software developers find it difficult to find motivation in developing the same kind of software every then and now. UX is something that can improve their performance by giving them something new to work on.  New and creative additions in the development process always improve the performance of the developers and enhance productivity simultaneously.

Higher Productivity and Production Optimization

When a custom software product is developed with users in mind and by using functional design, it allows users to reach intended results faster and hence be more productive and efficient.


Many times organizations do not consider UX from the beginning of the project. They first start a project and then involve UX in the middle of the development, which is tedious and can result in extra costs and wasted time.  When software development teams build software with UX clearly laid out, they reduce the chances of rework and redesign. This also reduces the time and cost involved in the custom software development because a UX-oriented template can then be replicated for future use.


Users don’t want to use any software application that is not user-friendly and doesn’t offer great UX.  Therefore, while developing software, it is important to take care of UX, which plays a key role in the success of a business. 


Creating an amazing UX can be approached following the five-stage model: empathize with the client, define the problem, ideate, prototype, and test. 

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