3D Modelling of industrial equipment for SMC

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Supply Chain

Project period

12 Weeks

Technology used


Team size

Total: 2 ( Design: 1, Development: 1)

Client Info

SMC India, India.

Business outcome

An application to get live equipment status updates and alerts to technicians on errors

3D Modelling of industrial equipment for SMC

The SMC 3D Model Application is a dynamic tool providing live status updates of industrial equipment, highlighting errors in red color and notifying technicians through mobile and email alerts. Once issues are resolved, automatic notifications update the app, changing the component color to normal. It also features event history, showing occurrences and timestamps for predefined events.

This application allows users to control equipment functions like turning on/off, resetting valve counts, and managing circuits. It offers detailed diagnostics, aiding in issue identification, and includes a Rapid Format Mode displaying pressure and device position. Users can adjust device pressure and access various assets such as videos, 3D drawings, and user manuals for each component.