Remote Video Collection

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Project period

Jun,20 - Ongoing

Technology used

HTML 5, CSS, VueJS, PHP Laravel, MySQL. Integration (Video Ask, Rocketium, Sendgrid, Hubspot)

Team size

Total: 4 ( Design: 2, Development: 2)

Client Info

GetConvi, India.

Business outcome

An application to simplify remote video testimonial collection and editing. Empowering businesses to create compelling customer stories effortlessly.

Remote Video Collection

GetConvi is an innovative app streamlining the collection of video customer stories and testimonials, eliminating the need for in-person shoots. It simplifies the process, allowing businesses to gather remote video stories cost-effectively.

With GetConvi, users can remotely record videos via a capture URL and combining them into a single presentable video for sharing across various platforms. Requesters can craft specific questions to gather customer feedback on products or services.

Post-recording the platform enables viewing responses on a dashboard, editing text overlays, and exporting the final video for distribution. Additionally users can create ads using text scripts and converting them into compelling videos.