Defining the User Experience for M1xchange

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Project period

24 weeks

Technology used

Photoshop, HTML 5, Bootstrap, JS, Justinmind prototyping

Team size

Total: 3 (Design: 2, Development:1)

Client Info

Mynd Solutions, India.

Business outcome

Enhanced user experience for M1x’s flagship TReDS platform, refining workflows, redesigning interfaces for web and mobile.

Defining the User Experience for M1xchange

M1xchange TReDS is a digital marketplace to sell the receivables to banks/NBFC set up under the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate the discounting of invoices and bills of exchange on a PAN India basis. M1xchange wanted to enhance the User Experience provided by their flagship TReDS platform.


MindIT collaborated closely with leadership and the technical team to:

  • Define user workflows for the platform
  • Creating a new user Interface for web and mobile platforms
  • Identify methods for optimizing user actions, focusing on streamlining pathways for efficiency