Design & development for ISFC loan application process

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Project period

1 Year

Technology used

Kitsune, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Salesforce APIs integration.

Team size

Total: 3 (Design: 1, Development:2)

Client Info

IndiaShelter, India.

Business outcome

To automate the process of lead generation & information sharing between customer and the loan approvals team

Design & development for ISFC loan application process

India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd (ISFC) provides credit to middle income households to acquire new housing or to extend and improve their current housing.

MindIT implemented an intuitive customer onboarding workflow on their website, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers providing necessary information. This streamlined process validates customer eligibility for loans and aids in submitting required documents.

This portal enhances flexibility, enabling customers to share information at their own pace. Additionally, it empowers the back-end team by consolidating information in the correct format, optimizing the loan approval process and turnaround time.

Throughout the design phase, we conducted multiple iterations to ensure a user-friendly tool tailored for our specific audience.