Design, Websites


October 2020 - Ongoing

Technology used

Web - Kitsune, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Backend - Salesforce APIs

Team size

3 Members

Client Info

IndiaShelter, India. Domain: Home Loan



Business outcome

To automate the process of lead generation & information sharing between customer and the loan approvals team

Design & development for ISFC loan application process

India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd (ISFC) provides credit to middle income households to acquire new housing or to extend and improve their current housing.


We recently designed and are now developing a customer onboarding workflow for their existing website to allow customers have a smooth, hassle free process of providing all the required information. The process helps establish customers’ eligibility for a loan and then providing the necessary information and documentation.


The portal will help achieve greater flexibility for customers to be able to share all information at his/ her own pace and also empower the back-end team members by providing all information in correct format and in one bundle thus improving the loan approval process and turn-around time.


When designing this process, we went through multiple iterations to make sure the tool is user friendly and easy enough for our targeted audience.