Draw inferences from your financial data with Focus Reporting

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Project period

28 weeks

Technology used

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, Angular 8, .NET Core, Xero, MYOB, Excel, Charting library integration.

Team size

Total: 4 (Design: 1, Development: 3)

Client info

Denis Curin & Associates, New Zealand.

Business outcome

Web-based application dedicated to streamlining business planning processes.

Draw inferences from your financial data with Focus Reporting

Denis Curin & Associates specialize in providing Accounting, Tax, and Business advisory services to a diverse range of clients, from individual investors to small and medium-sized businesses across various sectors like trades, professional services, retail, and hospitality. Their expertise lies in employing cutting-edge systems and methodologies to cater to general accounting and taxation needs.

MindIT team developed Focus Reporting, a web-based application designed to facilitate continuous business planning, offering clarity, structure, discipline, and accountability. This system empowers business owners to craft Action plans and Strategies while tracking their progress against these goals. It integrates financial data from sources like Xero, MyOB, or Excel.

Moreover, Focus Reporting enables accounting firms to purchase accounts for their customers, empowering smaller business owners to comprehend their business’s numerical landscape. It allows them to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis and processing.