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Human Resources

Project period

4 weeks

Technology used

HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5, React JS, Laravel PHP, Predective Index (PI) integration.

Team size

Total: 3 (Design: 1, Development: 2)

Client info

Sujata Appliances, India.

Business outcome

Web app designed for efficient recruitment process tracking. and platform to monitor Job openings and schedule interviews.

Sujata HRMS

Sujata is a leading home appliances brand that is famous across India and the world for producing quality home appliances. The company is a market leader and is well known in the households across India.


We designed and developed a web-based application that lets the HR team of their manufacturing unit to capture all candidate applications and their detailed information in easy to use forms. The application provides a Kanban style board for the HR personnel to track each application from opening to closure with time tracking at each step to make sure the people acquisition process becomes more efficient.


Now senior management can also check all candidates at any stage and suggest process improvements or highlight delays at any stage.