Jun 2020 - Ongoing

Technology used

Web - HTML 5, CSS, VueJS

Backend - PHP Laravel, MySQL


Video Ask, Rocketium, Sendgrid, Hubspot

Team size

4 Members

Client Info

GetConvi, India. Domain: Marketing

Business outcome

Create video testimonials remotely

GetConvi – Remote Video Collection

GetConvi is an App to collect video customer stories/ testimonials without having to shoot in person. With this app, anyone can start collecting video stories for their business remotely at a fraction of video creation costs.


Getconvi lets the users record a video remotely using a video capture URL and transform them to single video in a presentable way for the purpose of sharing to different platforms. The requesting person can even define a set of questions to help the customer feedback on products, services, etc. After recording, the requester can view responses on the dashboard, edit the text overlays and export the final video to share on different platforms. User can also create ad using textual scripts and transform that to a Video.