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Supply Chain

Project period

13 weeks

Technology used

Angular, Dot.Net core, Flutter, Pinter-TPP-244-Pro scanner integration.

Team size

Total: 7 (Design: 2, Development: 5)

Client Info

Green Planet, India

Business outcome

To streamline stock entry, inventory management, order processing, product dispatch, and returns

Reference URL

Managing Inventory with web & mobile app

Green Planet, one of the biggest electronics distributors, is an authorized agency for multiple brands like Samsung. They had issues managing their stock and maintaining visibility and accountability for the same, across multiple warehouses. As per their requirement, we collaborated to explore what they were looking for and designed and developed a custom solution for Inventory Management.


We built for them a web and mobile solution that simplifies tasks for:

Warehouse users:

  • Stock inward > generate barcode, scan items
  • Stock outward > scan, dispatch
  • Stock audit > Scan each item physically and match records in the system to identify missing items or entries


  • Managing products, vendors, warehouses, etc
  • Audit information


  • Comprehensive reports with quick and easy information regarding the stock items, quantities, and value at any point, for quick decision-making