Workflow management tool for medical encoding professionals

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Project period

13 weeks

Technology used

React JS, CSS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Azure Integration for SSO

Team size

Total: 8 (Design: 2, Development: 6)

Client Info

Valerion Health, USA.

Business outcome

To streamline internal operations and boost team productivity.

Workflow management tool for medical encoding professionals

We developed a workflow management tool to revolutionize internal operations at hospitals, enhancing team productivity and providing a centralized platform for better management. We tailored it to their unique needs, collaborating closely with the hospital team to understand their requirements. The tool streamlines various backend operations, making management more efficient.

Its key features include seamless access through Microsoft account Single Sign-On, precise task and attendance monitoring for hospital staff, and the generation of comprehensive reports. It’s a user-specific tool, allowing different staff roles to perform their tasks efficiently. For managers, it empowers them with efficient management, task configuration, and detailed tracking and reporting.

In essence, this customized solution not only simplifies internal processes but also acts as a catalyst for significant enhancements in overall operational efficiency.