Rent calculator and lease management system.

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Project period

7 weeks

Technology used

Angular, Dot.NET core, MySQL

Team size

Total: 4 (Design: 1, Development: 3)

Client Info

Mynd Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd, India

Business outcome

Develop a rent calculation engine, a solution that automates rent calculations, streamlining the entire lease lifecycle.

Rent calculator and lease management system.

Mynd Integrated Solutions and Mind IT Systems collaborated on a project to manage leases for corporate clients, integrated with the Rent calculation engine. RCE is a solution to simplifies lease management from inception to invoicing. This user-friendly tool aimed to minimize errors, resulting in smoother operations. The project involved the discovery, design and development of crucial front-end & back-end.
Key Features:
  • Define Payout Calculation: We give users the ability to create detailed mathematical expressions for rent calculations that match their exact requirements.
  • Accurate Rent Schedules: RCE is designed to generate highly accurate rent schedules, even for non-payable components. This ensures up-to-date financial data and unparalleled visibility into revenue streams.
  • Operational Cost Reduction: Most labour-intensive task has been automated in RCE which led to substantial reductions in operational costs associated with lease management, while also eliminating calculation errors.
  • Efficiency, Precision, and Transparency: RCE is set to transform lease management by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and transparency throughout the process. It will empower organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their lease portfolios.