Empowering Educational Institutes with distribution of eBooks directly from a Publisher

Problem Statement

Client wanted to build a platform for making their eBooks available to educational institutions with a vision to spread the light of knowledge. They wanted to develop their own distribution channel for maximum flexibility and to create their own IP while ensuring the licensed content is protected against unauthorized use.


Mind IT® Systems, true to their nature, went all out to propose a complete, integrated system to cater to managerial and end user’s needs. We built the solution in .NET comprising of:
• An administrative web panel wherein client team can manage institutes, licenses, authorized machines and books
• An administrative web panel wherein the institution can download books and reader app
• A desktop app to zip eBooks and eReader and setup everything on a licensed machine
• An offline eBook reader for users to read the books

Major features include:
• License management
• Ensuring content is accessible only on licensed machines
• Encryption of all eBooks to protect against unauthorized usage
• Allowing content distribution via both online and offline modes
The team’s focus was on being able to handle all complexity behind the scenes through use of technology and offer simplicity at the forefront.