Why CRM implementation is important for Media & Publishing Organizations?

Recent technological and digital advancements have led to a “customer revolution” that has created a brand-new breed of socially aware and informed customers.


Just prices and products no longer motivate customers to buy only from you.  


It’s all about the customer experience today.  


To be competitive, you must go above and beyond expectations and provide a great customer experience. 


As far as the media and publishing industry are concerned, it is in a state of transformation, with new players constantly entering the market and leaving customers spoilt for choice.   


So, to compete and stay relevant in this industry, organizations must leverage the right technology to drive subscriptions, content engagement, advertising revenues, and ultimately sales.  


This article explains why it is imperative for media and publishing organizations to focus on implementing the CRM system.  


Here are the reasons below.

Keeping in touch  

It is pretty impossible to build up a great customer experience without communication. According to Kevin Stirtz, the author of the book More Loyal Customers – “Every interaction we have with a customer influences their decision to return. Every time we do business with them, we must be great. Otherwise, we will lose them.” 


So, how can you ensure that your customers stay loyal and satisfied?    


Keeping in touch is the only answer. Here, a robust CRM implementation can play a key role since it can be used increasingly as a customer loyalty enhancement tool. 


A well-planned CRM software for media and publishing organizations can help to manage customer relationships and interactions with ease. By using the data, you collect about your customer’s‘ interests, purchase history, preferences, and more, you can better customize your products, marketing, and services to your customers’ needs. 


You can use your existing customers’ data to keep them updated with company news, offers, sales campaigns, or other initiatives. In addition to segmenting customers, the customer relationship management system lets you target the right audience with the right message instead of sending the same communication to everyone. 

Team Integration 

Teams generally often contain evolving roles and changes of members, which results in a large number of shifting aspects and a lot of unexpected outcomes. It can help if you get a team to function as a cohesive unit to maximize their performance, which is never simple.   


CRM for media and publishing organizations may assist with several issues that cause a lot of difficulties for the team, including:   


  • Synchronous cross-channel communication  
  • Chaotic activities  
  • Lack of consumer information and feedback   
  • Insufficient content ideas  
  • Disparities and dramatically divergent temperaments within the workforce  
  • Messy internal knowledge base  
  • Uncertainty in external communication  
  • Ignoring due dates  
  • Locating those responsible for deadline violations  
  • And many more   


Thus, it’s an invaluable source of priceless client data that can automate and streamline the team’s operational activities. It helps to speed up and streamline workflows. And excellent automation capabilities enable marketers to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work rather than spending time on tedious, repeated activities.  

Streamline Operations & Integration 

CRM for media and publishing organizations makes it easy for users to connect offers with contracts, contracts with work orders, and work orders with invoices. Besides, the software also automates recurring charges for subscribers, advertisers, and more. Hence, it helps to avoid costly mistakes, duplicate data entries, and wastage of labor.

Integrating CRM with your existing tools and power apps such as Google ad manager enables you to boost your productivity.  


It allows your sales and management teams to quickly access data from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Hence, it makes it easy for users to manage all data from all channels efficiently in one place. 


As per the Salesforce research, CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, productivity by 34%, and accuracy of sales forecasts by up to 42%. 


Source: https://findstack.com/crm-statistics/  


360-degree view of the Customer Management Cycle   

The 360-degree view refers to the customer-specific information that the company gathers to provide personalized service.   


The information includes data from every interaction with the customer, such as phone conversations, website inquiries, purchases, cancellations, and future business opportunities. 


Customized CRM for media and publishing organizations can give a holistic view of the entire publishing business, help to manage end-to-end business processes, and complete digital inventory through one unified system. Above all, it helps monitor all sales aspects, from selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions.  

Wrapping it Up    

An efficient and robust CRM for media and publishing organization owners can facilitate the coordination of all contact channels and, at the same time, allow direct communication with advertisers and subscribers. It can save time and money and help focus more on the critical task, i.e., creating quality content.     


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About the Author


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From my teenage time, I had a quench to solve problems and loved leadership. Starting my career in relation management, ignited my passion for managing people. While managing I realized technology needs to be incorporated to keep pace with the changing world & do my work efficiently.