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Why do Businesses need to choose an Offshore Development Center (ODC)?

Nowadays, specialization or creating a niche pays off in business. Global enterprises exist, but they also include specialized teams in charge of particular products or services. Companies rarely attempt to handle everything on their own. Considering that specialization is the norm, it only seems reasonable that corporations decide to outsource or export a portion of their work to others.   


Today, the adoption of offshore development centers has gone from a trickle to a flood. Offshore outsourcing is no longer popular just for enterprises or multinational corporations looking to reduce their overall operating costs. Now, organizations of every size are looking for ways to operate with an offshore development center.   


Offshoring and outsourcing are two phrases that are frequently conflated or misunderstood in the IT industry. Despite some similarities between the two, they are different business strategies with unique benefits. Without further ado, let’s clear up the confusion.   

Outsource Vs. Offshore   

Outsourcing: Outsourcing refers to when a company hires a third party to carry out tasks, handle operations or provide services on its behalf. An outside company, a third-party provider, determines which tasks or services should be performed on-site at a hiring organization’s facilities or an external location by using its workers or computer systems. 


Offshoring: On the other hand, offshoring is relocating an organization’s specific operations, or project development chunks to another country. Offshoring is a global phenomenon. It consistently results in lower prices, better access to trained talent, and faster completion of tasks. 


Thus, offshoring and outsourcing are two distinct components of a company’s business operations, although they look similar. They both serve their specific objectives and offer different values to an organization.    


Looking for a quicker, more affordable, and more effective solution to boost your company’s output while streamlining and managing your operations? Don’t waste time looking elsewhere; an offshore development center may well be the solution you’re looking for.   


Read further to explore more about ODC, the reasons to choose an offshore development center, and how it can help businesses in the modern world. 

What is an Offshore Development Center?     

An offshore development center is an extended, cohesive, and committed offshore team working on behalf of a company with international operations. For all practical purposes, it’s a dedicated team structured as an important contributor to the goals of an overseas business. The ODC is a well-liked business model for various companies, including startups and established businesses. The development and upkeep of solutions and software, project management, testing, migration, and technical or customer support are a few examples of the best-known business processes and services for this paradigm.   


Reasons to opt for Offshore Development Center   

The Offshore Development Center is useful for commercial endeavours. To understand why to opt for offshore development services, check out the following reasons:  


  • Allows to save time & money: By deciding to hire an offshore development center, you don’t have to worry about talent availability. It is no longer necessary to go through the hassle of long recruitment and technology training for new employees leading to the wastage of time, and affecting the project development process. Besides this, it allows saving an amount of money with the advantage of the cost difference.    
  • Assures Quality: A dedicated development team can reduce risks and improve quality work for your company. The experts follow the highest standards to ensure the most effective solution for your business. You can keep track of project progress and fix issues immediately.   
  • Access to Talented People: Technology is constantly innovating with time. Connecting with an offshore development center, you can always have industry experts who have experience and are up-to-date with the latest technological know-how.
  • Help to focus on Business Development: By letting the experts handle the technical work, you can spend more time improving business growth and expanding your market reach. By doing so, you can strengthen the core business processes of your company. 
  • Manage the Expert Team: Hiring an offshore development center allows you to control the expert team more quickly than outsourcing to a third party, as for all practical purposes this results in a team dedicated solely to you. Also, the ODC strictly follows the guidelines set forth by the host company.  
  • Expand in Global Marketplace: An offshore development center is a viable solution if you want to reach the overseas market. They can assist you in identifying ideal insights that optimize your business in their market with the support of a local team of dedicated developers.

Why do Businesses need to choose an ODC?  

The primary requirement of an ODC/offshore development services provider is to save on costs, access to emerging talent, and offering a quality-driven software product.  


An ODC has a high-level gear and skill pool, along with a basis of management that pulls the software development cycle while keeping pace with the quality checks. Any organization, regardless of its size, has to reduce costs to boost profits. Additionally, they require talent. Talent with experience and usefulness is preferred.    


So, choosing an offshore enables you to hire elite talent that’s unavailable or too expensive locally.   


Offshore Development Centers located in countries with a vast talent pool make it easier to expand your team size and maintain your product development pace without hiring, training, and building new developers. You won’t face a talent shortage in your location, which is an additional benefit.


Let’s have a quick glimpse of the benefits that an offshore development services provider has in store for businesses:    


  • Cost Effective – On all fronts 
  • Trustworthy operations and delivery   
  • Allows having a better focus on talent and strategy.
  • Access to Talent  
  • On-demand scaling or churning of teams and operations   

Final Thoughts     

Indeed, an offshore development center can be the best solution for businesses because it can help to save time, money, and effort.    


But, when developing a software product, not every vendor can live up to your expectations. Using an experienced provider for building and running an ODC makes sense to achieve your goals.    


If you are in search of an offshore development center to ease your offerings, minimize costs and improve productivity, please feel free to contact our experts for consultations.  


As a leading ODC, Mind IT Systems emphasizes innovation and quality to help clients achieve their business objectives. Our reporting procedures and evaluation efficiency have enabled us to establish a niche and set ourselves apart from others.    

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