6 months

Technology used

Web - HTML, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4

Mobile - Photoshop, Justinmind

Team size

3 Members

Client Info

Sendmi Inc, Africa. Domain: Hyperlocal Grocery

Business outcome

To design the UI/ UX of a hyperlocal delivery app

Designed Sendmi: Hyperlocal Delivery ecosystem for Web, iOS, Android

Sendmi offers online delivery services for food, grocery, electronics, books etc. for bulk or regular orders. The complete ecosystem consists of Web, iOS and Android applications to cater to various types of users like the Customers, Drivers, Admin, Courier Manager. All the modules have been conceptualized, designed and developed accordingly.


We worked with Sendmi Inc to define the following for web & mobile apps:

  • Theming
  • User workflows for 4 different user types
  • Complete UI/ UX for customer & internal apps