Consider staff augmentation model when IT or software development is not your core business area and you need members either for a specific period of time or to support your IT infrastructure or applications. Hiring an employee on payroll comes with an overhead cost and it’s very difficult to find good skills for a contractual engagement; so what do you do?


The solution is to collaborate with us to provide you with experienced professionals having the desired skills. The benefits of this model are many – you get not only the required expertise, but there is someone to take complete responsibility for that person ensuring he/ she has the expected knowledge really. You pay for as long as your commitment is and you do not have to give additional benefits that you would need to invariably extend to an employee. Additionally, when required, our team of experts is there to support you in your mission and we are just a shout away! This setup also works for professionals as they get to work with different clients while having the safety of a job, not forgetting the technical challenges they encounter which surely keep them happy.


We have a team of experienced professionals starting right from Developers for various technologies, to Project Managers and Architects who become your extended team.


You also get the benefit of the processes we follow in house as our team members are accustomed to following rigorous project management processes and using various tools like JIRA, Axure, Bizagi, etc. They are well versed with industry standard good coding practices and you won’t need to bother about code that is difficult to maintain as you can supervise as closely as you want to.


Our team can work with you on-site or remotely, and are certified in key technologies. We help shorten your hiring timeline and reduce the cost of attaining and retaining talent. Here are some of our specialty areas:

Systems Analysis

Software Development and Engineering – Web & Mobile

Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration

Business Analysis

Application Development and Maintenance

Technical Support

Database Design, Development and Administration

Network Engineering and Administration

Health IT

Project Management

Quality Assurance & Testing

Technical Writing