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A never-ending story surrounds the decision of whether to use off-the-shelf software or custom software. Today's fiercely competitive business environment makes designing software specifically to address particular business demands essential. Off-the-shelf software frequently fails to satisfy unique requirements and has many unnecessary features. While on the other hand, custom-made product solutions enable businesses to digitalize their processes and accommodate wants and conditions when needed. Build...

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Design Challenges

"Design is everywhere. From the dress you're wearing to the smartphone you're holding, it's design." Design is more than just good looks. It's the skill of making something usable, whether it's a chair, a gadget, or an app. It significantly impacts a brand's ability to persuade its target market. The influence of design is so potent that it has the power to create or...

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Today's market is incredibly competitive. It is really tough to gain a competitive edge and win the race. Business owners must seek innovative approaches to beat their competitors and provide the best customer service at the same time. To achieve this, entrepreneurs must leave no stone unturned to automate their business processes. The best decision is to go with the wave, i.e., get innovative technology...

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