Top 5 Reasons to Employ Flutter App Development for Your Next App

In this digital age, app development is growing exponentially. Today, practically most businesses use apps to sell their products and services. The app market is growing at a rapid rate. But here arises an essential question–which can be the best web framework that can provide the maximum business benefit? Or rather, which technology can be the best fit for the development of apps–whether it is Android or iOS? Native or cross-platform?       


Business experts believe the inclination is toward cross-platform. It again calls for the question: What is the most appropriate framework for cross-platform apps? The ability to create cross-platform programs draws interest toward Flutter app development. Xamarin and Ionic were doing a terrific job, but things have changed since Flutter appeared.  


What are the crucial reasons that have made Flutter one of the most favourable frameworks for cross-platform applications?  


Let us discover it in-depth.  

List of Contents Covered:

  1. What is Flutter?
  2. Stats and Facts on Flutter  
  3. Usage of Flutter 
  4. Top 5 Benefits of Flutter App Development
  5. Some of the Downsides 
  6. Is it good to opt for Flutter App Development 
  7. Final Comment

What is Flutter

Objective C/Swift and Java/Kotlin have been the primary programming languages to develop mobile apps. Developers built two different apps – which meant double work and more cost. Flutter framework though is paving the way for cross-platform application development.   


Flutter is a portable UI toolkit used to build native-like apps using a single code base across mobile and the web. Compared to its direct rival React Native, Flutter provides a high-performance level and behaves naturally on different platforms. It is the only Framework using mobile SDK that offers a responsive style without utilizing JavaScript bridge.    


Stats and Facts on Flutter  

In the year 2022, at least 26 significant applications launched trusted Flutter. Because of the perks Flutter offers, every new day, a brand-new product gets introduced in the market.  


Stack Overflow Trends  

Image Source: Stack Overflow Insights  

Several organizations from various sectors worldwide have opted for Flutter app development, not only for its simple framework with functional UI components such as buttons, sliders, etc., but also due to its full-fledged high-performance capability. The table below highlights this fact.

Industry App
Finance/Fintech and business Birch Finance, Neo Bank, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Wallet
Education eDemy, Music Tutor, Hamilton
Healthcare Weight Tracker, Coach Yourself, Watermaniac, HourHealth
eCommerce Groupon, Grab, Xianyu, Motors

Usage of Flutter  

Flutter powers the Google Home hub’s user interface and several Google Assistant modules. Well known e-commerce service providers, including eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba Group, use Flutter to deliver a unified appearance on mobile and web apps. 


What programming language is Flutter based on? 

The Dart programming language serves as the foundation for Flutter. It intends to replace classic JavaScript. Dart programs can be directly run on the server, whereas on the browser, it is converted to JavaScript using Dart2js transcompiler.     


The Flutter Principle: Everything Is a Widget

Flutter framework is widget-based technology. By this, it means you can implement object-oriented programming to any component. One of the most crucial advantages of Flutter programming language is that it can easily customize or modify widgets. In addition, it renders UI widgets that meet critical web app design needs.    


Since its inception, flutter app development has attracted an active community of developers globally. It has constantly created new codes and explanations, allowing developers to create innovative and beautiful cross-platform applications.  


Have a look at the Apps Built on Flutter    

The popularity of Flutter app development is growing at a rapid pace. Many companies across the world have relied on and shown their interest in developing apps using Flutter. Uber, Airbnb, and eBay are, to name a few, apps built with Flutter.  

  • Google Pay 
  • Beike  
  • Alibaba Group 
  • Dream11 
  • BMW 
  • Toyota 
  • ByteDance    
  • Groupon 
  • Reflectly  
  • Hamilton 
  • Tencent 
  • eBay  

To learn more about the Flutter apps in production, check out the Flutter official website. 

Top 5 Benefits of Flutter App Development  

Cross-platform frameworks are a dream of any business. Since if you separate two platforms, Native iOS and Android apps, it might become expensive and difficult to maintain. A single code base, Flutter, can allow you to build attractive applications for both operational systems. Flutter is different from its other web framework competitors in some critical aspects. 


Here are the top 5 benefits of Flutter app development that make it superior-  

  • Codebase sharing: Single code base, which can be shared with Android, iOS, and other platforms, thus eliminating the need to rewrite the code from scratch. This specific feature allows Flutter to be an excellent choice for MVP creation. It enables developers to create apps close to the native look and feel.   


  • Hot reload: The hot reload feature makes the development process faster. It assists developers in avoiding reloading the apps to see every change made in the code. The preserved state is maintained which means a super quick reflection of changes. Hence, developers can test for bugs, make changes in real-time, and get them fixed on the go. 


  • Custom Built rendering runtime: Impeller is Flutter’s new rendering engine, overtaking Skia and taking advantage of new graphic accelerators and hardware. The outcome? A seamless and speedy app experience.  


  • Flutter’s “all widgets” principle: When designing stunning aesthetics for apps, Flutter’s custom widgets are a true treat. Everything in UI is a widget, which helps in taking care of concerns of user interface misbehavior across multiple devices.  


  • High performance: Unlike its rivals, Flutter builds its code when the application is released. As a result, it improves performance. Flutter’s high performance is almost equal to native apps.   

Can Flutter offer a good solution from a business perspective? Let’s have a look

Flutter Advantages: for customers and businesses  

Faster time to market: You may believe, as a business owner, that one of the most incredible benefits of Flutter is the ability to hire only one team to work on both the iOS and Android platforms. Fast time-to-market is one of Flutter’s vital advantages. 


For instance, it is not easy to foresee if both the iOS or Android versions can be mapped to one schedule. Flutter, on the other hand, simultaneously supports cross-platform.      


Stunning UI: With its extensive collection of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) widgets and behaviours, Flutter makes it simple to start creating incredible apps. Platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, fonts, and other features that Flutter provides allow your users to get your app’s natural appearance and feel. 


Cost-reduction: Cost reduction is a crucial objective for every business. Business owners pay twice when developing native apps: once for iOS and once for Android versions. It is necessary to divide the budget between two different teams. Because of the Flutter functionality, you only need one Flutter development team to create and maintain your apps. As a result, it considerably lowers the cost of human resources and decreases the time required to perform development tasks.  


The most outstanding benefits of Flutter – for business in brief  

  • High expressive UI   
  • Faster code development 
  • Native experience 
  • Reducing time to market 
  • One code for front-end and back-end 
  • An open-source project  
  • Easily targeted on any platform (mobile and web both) 

Some of the Downsides 

Application size: The download and installation sizes, which comprise the two application size dimensions, are both crucial. Users are informed of the program’s size when downloading it. The Flutter app size could be relatively larger, even for a simple application. The minimal size of an app is about 4MB, which is substantially larger than Java or Kotlin. 


Deficiency of Third-Party Libraries: There are restrictions on library access when using Flutter.  If the necessary functionality is still lacking, developers must add it.    


Low adoption of Dart: Without a question, Dart is a fantastic and lightning-fast programming language. Its popularity is still much behind industry titans like JavaScript, Java, C#, etc. Dart is consequently not the most popular choice among developers, making locating experts for your project difficult. 

Is it good to opt for Flutter App Development: Sharing thoughts from our Experience 

Is it decisive to choose Flutter app development for your next app? 


No one can decide on your behalf; only you can make this choice.    


Even though the Flutter framework has downsides, its benefits for businesses far surpass its downsides. Our experience so far with Flutter –  

  • Getting started with Flutter is simple, efficient and fast.  
  • The benefits of the Flutter app development for business outweigh native app development mostly 
  • Be rest assured that investing in flutter app development can help you build apps faster  
  • Faster app development enables you to save money in the long run. 
  • Flutter has surpassed React Native recently in terms of popularity, but both are still pretty much neck to neck in terms of the adoption 
  • Flutter has come a long way already in the past years and is a viable option for building long-term enterprise apps now   

Final Comment  

What was formerly considered extraordinary has become ordinary due to modernization and technological advances. To turn your dreams into reality, building apps correctly and beautifully in response to today’s competitive business environment is imperative. Flutter’s high performance, dynamic code writing, great rendering engine, beautiful designs, and easy MVP development can altogether assist you in getting a high-quality app built. Flutter has undoubtedly caused an upheaval in cross-platform development in recent years. So, give it a try. 


For any queries, support, or consultation, reach our experts today! 

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