A look at the App Development pillars for 2023

Developing and maintaining an app takes hard work. However, if an app becomes successful, it can drive much revenue for your business and can be a major part of your business tomorrow. It is essential, therefore, to build future-proof applications. You must be proactive in resolving painful issues to become successful. A mature app development process can help in resolving many of these pains.  


A seamless & successful modern application development, no doubt, rests on certain pillars and principles.   


Do you want to know the crucial application development pillars? We have this article for you.  


In this article, you can explore the top five mobile app development pillars for 2023 –along with the six crucial principles that modern apps should satisfy.  


So, let’s begin!   

The 5 Key Mobile App Development Pillars in 2023

Pillar # 1: User-friendliness       

User-friendliness is a central pillar for the success of any modern app in 2023. A user-friendly app ensures a great user experience both offline and online.  


Often slowing down of the internet connection or network issues takes place, and if the apps fail to function, in that case, it can disappoint your customers. Thus, you need to develop an offline strategy to eliminate such issues. Data synchronization is the best option here. The freedom of data and transparency is another crucial measure of offline modes which can enable users to access data offline and online. This adds to user-friendliness overall.   


For example, if you have a note-taking app and while editing if your network goes down, in such a situation, data synchronization can enable you to synchronize the immediate changes from offline to online and remove duplicate entries.  


Hence, designing an experience that meets users’ needs, expectations, and behavior patterns is the key to creating a user-friendly app. 

Pillar # 2:  Safety & Security      

As far as mobile app security is concerned, this is a non-negotiable pillar. Failing to take suitable security precautions throughout the app creation process may lead to various mobile security issues. 


Take a look at some of the issues –     

  • A weak permission check and inadequate authentication can likely affect users negatively. 
  • Sensitive data transmission via the internet without encryption can lead to data breaches or data theft.  
  • If mobile apps are accidentally shared or uploaded on the internet, other apps can access sensitive encrypted data without requiring the app itself to be downloaded.

Therefore, developing an app safely and securely is a major mobile app development pillar. It is essential to hire a professional mobile application development company that can guide and assist you in helping to build a robust mobile app which is safe and trustworthy.    


Pillar # 3: Dependability    

Dependability or reliability is imperative for a flawless app. The reliability of the mobile app matrix consists of the following things – security, robustness, productivity, compliance, and technical debt. Whenever a mobile application fulfills all these criteria, it can be called a reliable app.  


Ensuring app reliability is the only way to your app’s acceptance. It is necessary to consider a few vital factors while developing a highly reliable mobile app.   


 What are those? Check it out.   

  • Ensure a highly available architecture
  • Allow recovery from the failures like data loss, ransomware incidents, and significant downtimes.  
  • Build predictablity into app behavior, so that users can anticipate functionality or usage when discovering a new section  

Pillar # 4: Scalability        

A mobile or web app can be termed scalable when it accommodates expansion, offers new users a positive user experience, and increases your return on investment. You must plan for it from the start whether you want your app to serve thousands or millions of users. Indeed, scalability is vital for your app’s success and is considered one of the vital app development pillars in 2023.  


There are two components of scalability: expansion of computing capacity and development speed. It has two possible explanations –  

  • Fast scaling:

The capacity to boost the application’s potential in five minutes or on the basis of real-time demands. It suggests that an application can fast increase its capacity to accommodate unanticipated spikes in demand by being able to increase capacity in such a short period.  


  • Long scaling:

The capability to 10x an application’s capacity over a year or more without significantly rewriting the code or changing the infrastructure needs. Clean design with loose dependencies and couplings to infrastructure components produces modern apps that can scale over time.  

Pillar # 5: Agility      

It is challenging to develop an app that can run over a long span and provide optimum performance, also is also loved by the end users throughout usage lifetime. Hence, adopting agile practices for mobile app development is imperative, to remain competitive in this digitalized era.  


An application development team can benefit in several ways from agility – it can allow them to avail resources they need to test and push new features. Besides, through agility, development teams can simplify the checking and testing procedure.  


Following are the two explanations of agility:  

  • Code agility:

The application developed must constantly incorporate new code. In most cases, the application consists of microservices and is connected via APIs to implement loose coupling and decrease intra-application code dependencies and severity.  


  • Architecture agility:

The capacity to ramp the infrastructure up or down to satisfy the requirements of all the customers and the development teams. 

What are the six principles that can satisfy these five pillars of modern apps? 

Take a glimpse:  

  • Emphasize open-source software
  • Define everything possible using code
  • Be platform agnostic  
  • Practice secure development 
  • Extensively distribute storage & infrastructure  
  • Design with automated CI/CD as a native/default state 

Now, let’s look at the upcoming mobile application development pillars for mobile apps’ success. 

Forthcoming App Development Pillars     

Besides the app development pillars discussed above for 2023, you can check out the upcoming mobile application development pillars to keep yourself alert-  

A financially sound application

An app must make financial sense for a business or a community to utilize it. A financially sound in sense application is undoubtedly a valuable upcoming pillar of app development that can add up to your revenue.  


Mobile apps render other benefits besides creating immense value for any business beyond direct revenue generation. They do help to improve your brand name and expand the visibility of your product, thus offering a feedback loop and community of brand followers. 


So, working with a reputable mobile app development company is decisive. They can advise you on how particular marketing tools can support your monetization strategy without interfering with the app’s normal operations.  


An application with a marketing strategy

A well-designed and developed mobile app can act as an excellent tool for revenue production and business expansion in the years to come. As there are diverse trends in mobile marketing available, to stand out from the crowd, taking care of your brand icon and image, along with promoting behaviors that work closely in alignment to marketing strategy help you to enhance your brand visibility.   


Hence, implementing various mobile app strategies and also performing app store optimization side by side is necessary for your mobile app’s success. 

Wrapping Up   

Being aware of the app development pillars in 2023 can assist you in building the best mobile apps that can meet the demands and needs of customers. It can not only enable you to improve in every step but also help you to increase productivity and usage of the modern app.  


As customers’ needs and demands change according to time, it might be challenging to keep pace with time and satisfy your customer’s requirements maintaining all the parameters within deadlines. Therefore, always look for reliable award-winning mobile app development companies like Mind IT® for your needs.  Mind IT® has a dedicated team of tech architects, consultants, expert UX/UI designers & QA to help you succeed.   

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